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  • Portable Acquisition System

    ? Portable multi-channel data acquisition system

     Portable multi-channel data acquisition system

    YMC 9096 Dynamic and static strain testing system



    •  4 channel combination plug-in, can work alone as a 4 channel strain collector, USB interface;

    •  Support up to 96 channels, insert any combination;

    • Support strain differential input/IEPE input;

    • Sampling frequency:20 k - 100 kHz parallel sampling;

    • Support IEPE sensors  (IEPE Mode)

    • Support strain input, Fixed bridge (10v), differential input;

    • Built-in Gain(adjustable), overload indication;

    • lProvide testand analysis software; suitable for multipoint strain and vibration test;

    YMC 9216S  Portable 16 channel dynamic data acquisition and analysis system

    Remote testing and Controling振動傳感器|振動激勵系統|振動分析系統


    • Input channels:16;

    • Input type:IEPE/V, ±10 V.

    • Sampling rate:100 kHz/CH;

    • Input :24 AD;

    • Output :2 chs,24 ;

    • Windows 7 operating system, touch screen, can be directly testing and analysis;

    • Interface, USB, LAN, through USB, LAN, WIFI, remote network control control;

    • Provide the corresponding test and analysis software, remote testing and analysis software;

    • Size:240 ×140 ×280 mm

    • Weight:about 5 kg

    • Suitable for field test and analysis;Remote testing and monitoring.

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